Monday, December 26, 2011

~ dazzling into dreams ~

a breakfast of pancakes{1 to be exact! so fluffly & light, yum!!!}

& a rainbow of candy canes, strung across the afternoon.. .
white roses & soft dreams ~ Dazzling days
& <3's for you!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

~ Time Worn {Beloved}

on words.. .{a puddled attempt @ prose :) }

i am no meager Being.. .
{because i come from God, who is my Home}

because He is my God, my King. Born in a manger, on that star-filled shining night. Seraphic choirs overhead.
Glory upon glory.
Truth inside truth.
Gem above gems.
Resplendant beyond the breadth of light.
Glorious! And Holy! {His Worthy Life!}
O precious town of Bethlehem!!!
{"Come Follow Me"} An invitation for you.. .
these are the treasures long lost. this is the hope now Found! He hears our prayers! {And Loves us so!} Our God!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"listen to the wind {as it skims along the sound of possibility}"

today is the startlingly inviting sound of the wind as it skims along the immensity of ocean, calling me{here to there, & back again, propelled by dreams}
{Beckoning,} in all its blustery goodness!
the waves as they yearn forward & the excitement as they splatter into frolicking droplets of joy that foam.. .landing on the edge of my heart{sweet refreshment!}
& Empires of sand!
wading.. .& seagulls circling the ocean's hemline.
happiness just invaded my soul! :)
plump currents & a wind rife with hope.. .
an effervescent longing to fly!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

{Winter's White Wonderland!}


this week has been leaving little trails of lovehearts in hearts each day, cold fingers & warm smiles{while taking these photos}, sharing, thinking, pleading, & crossing my fingers{& arms to pray!}
wishing you mornings of frost on your windowsills, mist rising from the foot of a mountain & warm hot chocolates{& days surrounded by lovehearts, extraordinarily lovely ones!!!}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all aglimmer {with Christmas Hope!}

last night the sky was bulging low. deep & full with snow. but it wouldn't fall.. .
tonight the sky is all aglimmer. with stars & treetops & snow & rain.. .
tonight, is fragrant with the promise of tomorrow
{& Christmas Hope!}