Friday, July 24, 2009

~ A swap of sorts ~

~ its a postcard swap! ~

& a button...{or as close to a button as i could get} :)

If you would like to participate, please leave a comment on this post!
& email me at

These are some postcards i made for the occassion{inspired in part by Jane Eyre, in a large part by the Festival of Postcards Mandy wonderfully told me of & in part by these gorgeous cards}. i think postcards are the perfect place to pen fragments of thought & capture precious moments of happiness{a style of writing my Mum has perfected & which i am yet to decipher}

so each postcard is labelled with a fragment of thoughtful rumination from Charlotte Bronte's
book ~ {The first 5 people to sign up will get one of these}

"Those who saw her said she looked like a snowdrop"

"A kind fairy, in my absence, had surely dropped the required suggestion on my pillow"

"gentler breathings of April"

"wandered to the impulse of east winds"

"suggest[ing] the thought that hope traversed them at night!"

These 5 postcards will have to be placed in an envelope so i made heart-shaped stamps for them instead of real ones.

The Rules

~ make a postcard {it might be an altered postcard, a photo with cardstock on the back, or any number of creative alternatives}

~ send the postcard by the 16th August {you can elect to send more than one...its more like a round robin, the person/s you send the cards to may not necessarily be the person/s sending you a postcard...i'll draw the names & let everyone know by next Friday}

~ receive a postcard package to cherish & a new friend or 2!

{i hope this is an enjoyable treat?}
Today bears the stamp of pretty packages!
& treasured thoughts for you!


  1. what a wonderful idea. i would love to try and make a postcard and send it to a new friend.

  2. Oh, goodie!! I am one of the first five! I'll play.

  3. i think this is wonderful idea and i would love to participate, yours are very pretty!

  4. Count me in!
    Added a link from my blog about the fun things you have going on here.

  5. I am forwarding this post straight on to my 3 friends getting married this year! Lovely!

  6. Hey, you, generous friend. I'm not sure I can tell this properly. Did Christina pick the one with the vintage image? If yes, I'd like the one above it. If no, that's my choice. Either way, color me happy. Thank you so much, sweet friend.

  7. this is so fun! let me know if you do it again sometime...