Monday, January 31, 2011

~ shimmering.. .this ethereal symmetry!

today is a balance of the sublime & the preserved, a shimmering between what gleams freshly beautiful {so delicately made} & the basic binding that holds our days together{how it can nourish & provide}!!!

images via here {country living!!!}

~sometimes.. .

we need to
~ dress up for dinner
~ sing someone a lullaby {even if they're grown}
~ cook a sumptuous snack{im always amazed at the thoughtful things my Dad & brothers concoct in quiet hours}
~ compliment someone
~ help without being asked
~ speak up for the unheard
~ notice the silver lining {of the saturating rainclouds.. .gratitude, its a keeper!!!}
~ admire nature {in all her subtle delight!!!}
~ yearn deeply
~ express profoundly
~ give gently
~ & love wholeheartedly,
for we are precious!!!
{beyond words}

snippets {& visions.. .}

little pockets of joy!!!

{i saw this french impressionist painting of the streets around the Eiffel tower this week, & small though it was, i could have looked at it for hours, this intricacy of light & movement of swirling colour within it truly was a bounty to behold!!![& wondering, how could someone attain so small~though great a marvel?]}

Saturday, January 29, 2011

her meticulous regard ~

today is painting thoughts & forming dreams, bright & convuluted concoctions of whimsy & depth{a juxtapostition of the necessary with the daintily unfurling} & the solitary gurgle of the heart swimming upstream{so steep, achingly so!} but the tenacity for navigating life's precipice is found! & others i find, in crevices & down holes, left, lost, & forgotten, but nevermind, brush off the damp & help them climb out, finding light{little by little, since baby steps are best for building firm foundations} a heartful & caring emergence of warmth & eager capacity.. .this brisk & sparkling avidity, fervently abounds!

& oh i love her words, "walk slowly, and bow often" how perfect!

image 1 found here, image 2 found here, image 4 by anna wolf, images 3 & 5 unknown, 6 & 7 100 layer cake

Friday, January 28, 2011

{life's quandry}

how to stitch it back together again?

& the poetically exquisite.. .found here, here and here{oh so!}

Monday, January 24, 2011

shy inklings to share

the days are filled with reflections of petals, bright buds that have been planted & nourished with care
~ tiny footprints, vivid heartbeats, & the lustre of shy morning dew scattered politely across the lawn ~

sending handfulls of fairy dust to you!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

couture hearts.. .

i made a couple of these lovelies just for you
{if you're interested}

{today is babies in drawers, tiny outings, & these shoes ~my secret weapon :)
smiles & sunshine

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~ bound by heart

yes they are!!!

& beauty abounds, when love is near!!!