Saturday, January 29, 2011

her meticulous regard ~

today is painting thoughts & forming dreams, bright & convuluted concoctions of whimsy & depth{a juxtapostition of the necessary with the daintily unfurling} & the solitary gurgle of the heart swimming upstream{so steep, achingly so!} but the tenacity for navigating life's precipice is found! & others i find, in crevices & down holes, left, lost, & forgotten, but nevermind, brush off the damp & help them climb out, finding light{little by little, since baby steps are best for building firm foundations} a heartful & caring emergence of warmth & eager capacity.. .this brisk & sparkling avidity, fervently abounds!

& oh i love her words, "walk slowly, and bow often" how perfect!

image 1 found here, image 2 found here, image 4 by anna wolf, images 3 & 5 unknown, 6 & 7 100 layer cake

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