Friday, August 7, 2009

Visual Couplets ~ poetry of the camera.

Photography is [or can be] the art of poetic images
A couplet is two rhyming lines of poetry(a pair of rhyming poetic lines)

which leads to a discovery...

a pair of poetic images that compliment the other in a rhythmical melody!

By Emily Dickinson's orders the sky itself is poetry...

& we all know what its like for a lump to begin in our throats...
so we have more experience with the poetic than we realize...
moments of thoughtful beauty that seem to lift us out of the ordinary as with wings!!!

so every Wednesday im going to post a "Visual Couplet", & if you'd like to join in, you are most welcome!!! {Next week's theme is ~Sun & Moon/Night & Day~}

Today poetic photographs waltz!!!{with the saxaphone :) }


  1. such a sweet idea. Robert Frost- wrote such truth.

  2. This is lovely, Chenoa...and what a great weekly idea! Later this week I will be launching my second blog--with a photography focus. :o) Happy Day!