Wednesday, August 5, 2009


under the tides of the moon

we softly walk

blossoming profusely


"So walking here in twilight, O my friends!
I hear your voices, softened by the distance,
And pause, and turn to listen, as each sends
His words of friendship, comfort, and assistance.

If any thought of mine, or sung or told,
Has ever given delight or consolation,
Ye have repaid me back a thousand-fold,
By every friendly sign and salutation.

Thanks for the sympathies that ye have shown!
Thanks for each kindly word, each silent token,
That teaches me, when seeming most alone,
Friends are around us, though no word be spoken."
~Henry Wordsworth Longfellow. The Seaside & the Fireside ~

Today exudes gratitude!!! {& a song that seems to have descended on the moon's gentle beams!}


  1. Hi Meandering! you left me a message that I had won a pink prize, and am hoping to hear from you soon! thanks very much!
    Cathy g/penelope basset

  2. Those words. That song. Ahhhhh...

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments - but I'd just like to say you're not untalented - far from it!:O)

  4. You have a beautiful and sweet blog , love it !