Wednesday, August 12, 2009

festive season

it seems to be a season of festivity...although in our street its been rather an all night vigil as we awoke one morning last week to find every car door in our street not just unlocked but left opened, & the thieves came back a few nights later

so an outing to the Ekka was a welcome delight...the whizz of spinning rides, the cheerful glow of flourescent lights, the gleeful screams of elated children,

& it was nice to see some Aussie flags waving in the breeze...

twirling above the cares of the world, a bright vision against the jet black sky...

"And then we sat, on the edge of the earth, feet dangling over the side- and marvelled that we had found each other."
- Erik Dillard

found quite a fondness for the penguins...

& a visual cacophony of tangible bliss...

games with prizes if you're skilled{which i am not, but luckily my brothers are!}

just enjoying the loveliness

of swinging high up

& the undisturbed carousel which seemed to emit the quiet hush of children's slumber...

& though we thought all the animals asleep, we caught a glimpse of a prized Illawarra from Oakie having a drink before bedtime

& snapped a shot of a couple of black & white beauties, before walking to the car...

Today i sigh contendedly...with gentle thoughts for you!!!


  1. Great photos! I love the fair!

  2. I am hoping there wasn't too much taken out of the cars. And the fair- it looks like so much fun. What beautiful, motion filled photos.

  3. Sorry to hear about the vandalism Chenoa! Glad you could get away and let your feet swing high in the air! Nice photos of your fair~

  4. these photo's are m a g i c

    just gloriously happy

    LOVE them:)

    i sent you an e~mail last week with
    photo attachment ~ did it come through properly?