Friday, August 14, 2009

rainbows above us.

yesterday i saw a rainbow
...with a double arc!
i love standing underneath a rainbow that fills the sky!! once i was driving along after a storm & the sky had turned golden{unlike the usual grey} with the most immense rainbow i've seen, unfortunately i had no camera.. it was so breathtaking i told the service station attendant while i was paying for my petrol & she came out to have a look because "it had been so long since she'd seen one" the little bits of beauty we can share :)

This week has been a perpetual motion of moments. Everything from this tiny star of loveliness that seemed to glimmer right at me on the ground to these. Some of these would be nice...this could be the theme song :)

Today...after the storm comes the rainbow!!!


  1. your photos together in this post say so much , the little star shining against the plain background and the rainbow doing the same

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment! Of course, you can put my link up! Thank you kindly. ;)


  3. Lovely photo, Chenoa... and oddly we had a rainbow here the end of last week too... photo to come! ;o) This post was a lovely lift--thank you!

  4. I came here from ELK's blog to see your rainbow! Beautiful!

  5. It strikes me that a comment from a friend is often just that sort of star in my day. An unexpected, happy surprise.

  6. Beautiful post Chenoa, rainbows are a delightful surprise and meant to be enjoyed.

  7. Hi I'm here from Elks blog to check out your rainbow picture and I'm taken for a trip down memory lane with the man from snowy river. How young do Jack Thompson and Sigrid Thornton look?
    Thanks for the lovely surprise.