Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~life.. . {chugging along at the pace of a whir}

{tactile memories}

reflected and faceted
sparkling betimes
multi dimensional
.. .the meaning of this adventure

Friday, June 24, 2011

~ a little pot of pink & lace.. .

because every day should be furnished with ruffles & upholstered with treasues of love{that which we cherish for one another's sake}!!!

image 1 via selina lake's new book cover, image 2 via ada & darcy blog, image 3 unknown, image 4 martha stewart, image 5 unknown{perhaps chichi and luxe or absolutely beautiful blogs}, image 6 via a catalogue

sea urchins & falling rain {days drizzled with the summer sun}

i wish the days were spent pottering around little water pools on the rocks at the beach, searching for sea urchins & starfish, needless to say there are no beaches in the desert, & so every afternoon at dusk, as the moon climbs into the sky, i bask in the luminous rays of the evening sun, blazing through the kitchen window &  drizzled across our table, & i wish it well on its journey to my friends in Australia.. .

but the nights are heavy with claps of thunder & rainclouds;
& precipitation{of the eyes},
crying~the days seem wet with it
{i remember once reading a list of things discovered & she put, "i discovered i have some tears to cry" & i added, "i can't cry those tears, not today" but they seem to find me anyway :) }
i hear its good for the soul? & for finding faith to keep going
"oh how praying rests the weary, prayer will change the night to day, so when life gets dark & dreary, don't forget to pray"

sending soft & soothing lullabies

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~ a peony, hung from the stars.. .

tonight i plucked a peony {it was hanging from the stars}
as i tiptoed around the cascading pools of light {glimmering in the ebony of the night, dreams & wishes spelt out in the shadows on the floor}

& questioning, what would the world be like if we all thought in measurements of love { & valued it above all else?}

kindest thoughts pretty hearts

Sunday, June 19, 2011

pastels, petticoats & curls


pastel days afloat with pale moonlit ponderings{as the gentle beams float softly through the windowpanes}
& i wish i could send you more than words, rather, i wish this post was a fragrance, a look, a tear, a smile, laughter or warmth that you could open & wrap the moment you are reading this in.
a little bit of joy to savour
{like these pink resin urchins which i love, soft white petals & tender impressions}

 & reading about Char{& only "meeting" her tonight} her pockets lined with beauty i have dreamt up too, only last night.. . & while reading her words,
rising. & falling. heaving -
like a chest sobbing
with rain

& this story of overwhelming decadence

today, a silent song
only my heart hears

Saturday, June 18, 2011

~shimmering breathlessly.. .

tonight i am nursing my weariness., tending my heart & chiding myself for not bestowing more compassion on those whose journey has been long.. .i wish my life was wrapped in hues of gold & packaged with moments of velvet.. .i want to curl up & watch a movie, one with mesmerizing music & majestic scenery, the kind of movie that pinches your heart & leaves you breathlessly aching for more beauty in your life.. . 

lost. & found. that is where i feel placed today.. .
& so
i wait in the wake of your pondering, anxious to discover the shimmering parts of you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ a magical garden & doorknobs of gold.. .

today was turning golden doorknobs{& a quiet joy in reading the inscription, 'Holiness to the Lord'} & the magic of hidden garden seats in shady pathways overrun with peonies {the flowers were full, ripe & blushing with gentle petals}  

~ & i hoped to ajoin these magnificent allusions and the ubiquitous commemorations they hold imperative, these spires & rambling lawns that seem so heavenbound.. .& i hope they maintain an accesion to my whereabouts, i being as fond of them{these particular proceedings}as ever i was about any sacred event yearning to unfold!!!

kindest thoughts pretty hearts!!!