Saturday, June 4, 2011

{because today requires bright}



driving fast, while snow-capped mountains loom with the grandeur of a lingering Spring, a lady riding{with flowers in the basket of her bike}, a woman kneeling in her garden, smelling violet flowers, & the loveliness of tiny abbreviations  


  1. Is that your china? Do you seriously own all those lovely linens and that luscious china? I want to go shopping with you!

  2. hi lovely! ok so the china story is basically remembering my great grandmother having a lovely cuppa every morning when i visited & several beautiful teacups, & my grandmother collecting lots of beautiful linens, cushions, teacups & dinnerware, & one day (about 3 years ago), me thinking, wheres our teacups? :) so mum & i went went in search of some{one for her, my sister & me, so i would recommend starting with one you & Sloane each love, not even for tea but to put little flowers in her room or on the kitchen bench, then adding to the collection} we found them mostly on sale at department stores, or at the Royal Doulton factory outlet in Brisbane paying roughly 10 or 15 dollars per cup even though they are worth 75 or more. i know you can get them on ebay though, or maybe ring an outlet store if you have one in mind(im guessing you'll do some research :) . sometimes i find them in gift stores or little clothing boutiques even. Lady Carlysle or Zhandra Rhodes collections are my favourites, & 'vintage florals blush' was the little one i got for me(which i broke :( } even the boys use them now just for soft drink which is quite funny, & my little brother was telling the old lady up the street we should have a teaparty because we have some 'lovely china' :) the first ones are always so special & once you start collecting, you would be haow fast that grows!!!

    loveliest thoughts dear one

  3. I think I will. I don't drink tea, but they are so lovely. You have the best eye for patterns. Your linens and your styling - all so lovely.

    I love that story about your little brother. Precious!

  4. im glad!!! we don't drink tea either but even on days when they dont have flowers, beads or knicknacks filling them, they always look so pretty on the bench!!!