Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ to dream is to become ~

{click on image to enlarge it :) }

Where there is great love,

there are always miracles.

~ Willa Cather

Today awakens with poetry!

earths jewels

she holds the jewels in her hands...

all that is precious
glimmers golden in hearts she passes

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ a sponsored giveaway announcement~

There is still time to sign up for the postcard swap...
& i have some good news!!!

Mandy emailed me a couple of days ago with a wonderful suprise...Shelagh from All About Paper would love to sponsor the swap with an RAK giveaway for one of the swappers! i received the package in the mail today & it is so lovely{i wish i could sign up for it :) }!!! A tremendous Thank you for this unexpected treasure!!

It includes:
Christina Re paper
Teresa Collins Damask die cuts (just the right size for post cards)
Flouris Voyage de Route paper with european images
Collections Europe transparancies
Collections Vintage butterflies

i didnt want to open it to take the photos but hopefully you get an idea...

Thank you! i'll let you all know the winner in a couple of days!

Today ~kindness begets kindness~!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

"the breathings of your heart"

on days

when softness is needed

& apricot musings are aglow in your heart...

follow the ebb & flow

into your journal,

& tuck precious thoughts,

for safe keeping...sending Lovely wishes on fragrant breezes!

Today holds all the colours of the rainbow!!!

my/your/our corner{s} of the world


~ desk ornaments

~ paintings in waiting

~ sewing machines that slumber

~ drafting tables converted into desks

~ felt bears

~ & feather pens

claim a portion of our world...


Today i'd love to be here!!!{it takes a little while to load but its so dazzlingly worth it!}

Friday, July 24, 2009

{the winner is!}

& the winner is #4, of the Penelope Basset blog. Congratulations!!!

but for everybody else, i've proposed an alternative treat...

below :)

because today is a day for sharing!!!

~ A swap of sorts ~

~ its a postcard swap! ~

& a button...{or as close to a button as i could get} :)

If you would like to participate, please leave a comment on this post!
& email me at

These are some postcards i made for the occassion{inspired in part by Jane Eyre, in a large part by the Festival of Postcards Mandy wonderfully told me of & in part by these gorgeous cards}. i think postcards are the perfect place to pen fragments of thought & capture precious moments of happiness{a style of writing my Mum has perfected & which i am yet to decipher}

so each postcard is labelled with a fragment of thoughtful rumination from Charlotte Bronte's
book ~ {The first 5 people to sign up will get one of these}

"Those who saw her said she looked like a snowdrop"

"A kind fairy, in my absence, had surely dropped the required suggestion on my pillow"

"gentler breathings of April"

"wandered to the impulse of east winds"

"suggest[ing] the thought that hope traversed them at night!"

These 5 postcards will have to be placed in an envelope so i made heart-shaped stamps for them instead of real ones.

The Rules

~ make a postcard {it might be an altered postcard, a photo with cardstock on the back, or any number of creative alternatives}

~ send the postcard by the 16th August {you can elect to send more than one...its more like a round robin, the person/s you send the cards to may not necessarily be the person/s sending you a postcard...i'll draw the names & let everyone know by next Friday}

~ receive a postcard package to cherish & a new friend or 2!

{i hope this is an enjoyable treat?}
Today bears the stamp of pretty packages!
& treasured thoughts for you!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ speckles of sunshine ~

Today -
~ sparkling delicately
~ moments of laughter/"a shoulder to laugh on"
~ the softness of a daydream
~ a speckle of sunshine in her works...

"It was under the white moon that I saw him,
The little white horse, with the neck arched high in pride.
Lovely his pride, delicate, no taint of self
No future of fear in this silver forest -
Only the perfect now in the white moondappled ride.

A flower-like body fashioned all of light,
For the speed of light, yet momentarily at rest,
Perfection of grass silver upon the crest
Of the hill,
snow in sun,
Of the shaken human spirit when God speaks
In His still small voice & for a breath of time
All is hushed; gone in a sigh, that perfection,

...a moonbeam astray in the silver night."
softly, gently, she recalls.
excerpts from 'The Little White Horse'
by Elizabeth Goudge

Tonight is a moondappled silvery night!
Tomorrow - filled with luminous speckles of sunshine!!
Most beautifully pleasant wishes!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


~ Loving...

Trelise Cooper ~

- the gathers

~ the layers

~ the bows

Today {i/we/they} polish prettily...

P.s only 2 days to go for the Giveaway! :)
Smiles for you!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thoughtful bloom

"My grandmother dreams in peonies"

~ so thoughtful a portrayl by Stacy Barter,
the flowers seem to lift right off the canvas!

i came across it while looking for help to figure out how to re-paint these roses on the 2nd pocket canvas emerging slowly!

& thinking on the bounty of beauteous cherry blossoms & this quote from "Cherry blossom time in Japan"...

Today is melodious!

P.s dont forget to sign up on the Christmas in july post for the giveaway! & Thank you for all your thoughtfully wonderful comments! a bouquet of brightness for you!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Doll Challenge ~ Aqua Vitae Doll


with sillhouettes

of golden opportunity

frothy softness dressed in white beckons

as waves calm

& she sits

atop the tide

keeper of the water of life!

transcending, evermore!!

What a wonderful challenge from Art Dolls Only! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!

& please dont forget to enter my Christmas in July Giveaway on this beautifully Pink Saturday!

~such kind wishes for you today~*