Tuesday, July 7, 2009

such simple things

"I like to walk about among the beautiful things that adorn the world."
George Santayana

there are in life such simple things
such as
the ability to look up instead of down,
to see the stars
not just the dirt
& if there is dirt,
to grow in it
a flower.
~ the gift of perspective

& some simple things that make me smile today
~ the smell of the grass after rain falls
~ lightbulbs
~ cushions covered in toille
~ polite "Thank yous"
~ silence in the moonlight {gazing upwards, always, always}
~ steps, stone ones
~ the pitter patter of the heart following dreams
~ wheels, for travelling
~ kind words {from you}

what a delight to participate in this challenge!
& to read the words of beauty found in Miss Christina's tremendous posts, the beauty of her words & images astounds me!!!

"Great doors swing on small hinges."
So hope, I chase it!!!

Today, & always


  1. Hey, I like your motto, "Tremendously we walk." Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a lovely blog find, Christine does have some lovely posts happening on her space as does your message about enjoying the good things that do surround us.

    Posted a link off my blog the other day about a Festival of Postcards that you might find interesting.

  3. The ordinary is extraordinary, and life is delicious...Your post is so beautiful today--thank you for sharing it! Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

  4. this is just beautiful, my friend. i feel the joy from your simple things. the realness and purity of your heart shines though...
    so much love.
    "great things swing on door hinges"
    Oh indeed, beauty.

  5. I love your pink china and the quote about looking up that is so true.

  6. your tea cup set look like a very beautiful simple thing to me. How much pleasure I would get for drinking out of something so pretty.

    Lovely list and I agree we should all look up a little more and that is what the whole simple things project is all about.

  7. Thank you for sharing this lovely list. Light bulbs and stone steps--yes! Wonderful simple things.

  8. Such a beautiful post Chenoa!
    YES!! to thank you and kindness and
    your photos, especially of the snow pea are beautiful too!


  9. A sparkling list. I love how you say you always look up and never down.

  10. walking hand in hand with my man under the light of the moon, along the beach.... ah that is pure pleasure.

  11. Beautiful post, so full of hope, "looking up always, always" love it.
    gorgeous photos

  12. peas and perspective both simple ...that is what is needed! elk