Saturday, October 31, 2009

vivid, serene, buoyant, graceful

images that are like waves

lapping, lapping

at the shoreline of my heart

Today is going to a day time market under an already present moon & a song that skips along to the pitter-patter of love...Happy Halloween!!!

images via,, #3-Tim Walker, #4-tumblr

Friday, October 30, 2009

dusky intensity


jewel toned

dusky golden sunsets
are gathered in the harbour, Today!
{with the delicacy of crocheted art, daintily special, fashioned all of white!!!}

~images from #1-all this hapiness blog,, #3-Tim Walker~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

~a tablescape with a difference~


a tablescape with a difference! This tablescape is not centered around a gathering of food

but rather a collecting of thoughts!

Each setting unique

to the journal style of the individual

some like to paste poems

some pen thoughts

some bead designs

others staple decorations

& others paint with pastels...

a moment of Unique unity

Happy Halloween...

Susan hosts this delectable day over at Between Naps on the Porch, please do drop by!

Today is primroses & china!

birthday wishes

Happy Birthday...

dear 10/10 :){sorry its late}

may your days be filled with sunshine,

& your nights glow bright with stars!
Today is thinking of you!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~in an orchard of pink dreams...

somedays im walking,
in an orchard of pink dreams...

you might have a tiny inkling by now that I LOVE JOURNALS :)
& so i thought
Today, i would share some of my favourite journal links, for inspiration in the orchard :)
by River Bend Ranch
the white bench
pamela garrison
dispatch from LA
diving for pearls
rebecca sower
hope{paper relics}
a girl & her journal
chi chi & luxe{an inspiration book}
a little imagination & a pile of junk
dj pettit{particularly the post for september 8}
gennine's art blog
Wishing you all an essentially artistic day!!!

with adoration...

with gentle adoration

inspiring admiration

& fervent acclamation

heralding appreciation

~Today is passionfruit spongecake & mango sorbet~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Monday...

i didnt think id have any blue photos to share for Blue Monday

but as i looked throught the rear view mirror of my photo folder, i most happily happened on quite a lot, like these blue stockings...

"Two roads diverged in a wood & i, i took the one least travelled by, & that has made all the difference"

a sweet book, to document the journey "where happy little bluebirds fly"

lapping water, to soothe the soul

a blue railing, to catch us if we stumble

a cyan coloured sky

a cornflower blue sky

& a cerulean sky...shades of blue, so wonderfully

Today is a happy blue day :) Have a Lovely Blue Monday! Please feel free to drop by & see Sally's gorgeous blue blog!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"the power of pink"

whether pink comes in splashes

or accents,


or flowers,

boxes or bows,

it leaves a lingering footprint of love

in the heart...

Today is crafting quilts & crystal doorknobs
{i wish we could all have at least one in our home!}

Have a precious pink saturday!!!

images via,#1 Kim Parker,#2/3,#4-7 Phoebe Howard{the power of pink}

Thursday, October 22, 2009

berry juice...

some days

the sun shines golden upon the vast horizon

& in that moment, small things

become infinitely precious...

like picking raspberries {look, this ones special! why? i asked. because the fairies havent painted it yet}

& finally the juice

poured into a flower cup,

becomes a tea party for fairies.{im only just learning about these things, when i was that age it was Strawberry Shortcake, CareBears, He-man & Jem!}

Today is daffodils & buttercups!