Saturday, May 23, 2009

twinkling twinkling, yes we are!!

when i awoke monday morning the sky was beaming aqua. by nightfall, twas the whisper of a million dripping raindrops heard echoing overhead. the next day, our city was declared a state of emergency from flooding. it happened that quickly.

the first night of the floods i was curled up in my room watching this movie, Amazing Grace, & thinking about these men & the women that stood beside them. they fought for goodness, & left such a legacy of hope. & now these are our times. to be all that is within us so wonderfully. & bring hope & generosity & love to all those who feel so keenly the lack of it. twinkling marvellously!

"When its dark enough, you can see the stars." Charles Austin Beard
Let us be those stars!!!

Today blossoms deliciously with a rose petal meringue tower cake...

{images via pinkwallpaper blog, helene magnusson &}

Friday, May 22, 2009

meander on

with gratitude in my heart for my very numero uno blog header,
i think its time to keep moving :)
& pay tribute!

Today i walk my miles!(singing, softly/sweetly/dearly!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

colossal giant of a mighty man!

heart paved in gold, footsteps lined with kindest deeds, music of a true musician, dear brother of mine!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

its tradition to have a birthday banner from the supermarket,

& balloons.

giving handmade gifts.

this one from his youngest sister.

& from his oldest sister{me!}, a work in motion. still so much to do, varnish the wood in dark brown, trinkets to add, his eagle feather,

with the chain i made him 2 years ago hanging below, after he asked for one "like Johnny Depp has please!" {where ever he goes, people ask if they can take photos of it} :)

& for anyone else having a birthday in May, may your year be filled with too many good things to count!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

a bucket full of joy!!!

some days we stand atop grand horizons,

basking in the candle's glow,

gathering bundles of flowering joy...

moments to savour & celebrations to share.

Today is one of those days! the name that got pulled out of the hat{figuratively, it was actually a cup}

*drumroll* Tracey of Pink Purl! Congratulations!!! Im very happy for you, & also, there has been deep gratitude in my heart for each & every one of you who signed up...after i picked the name, i was observing to my Mum how much i wish i had more to give & she said, "well you know me im all for not leaving anybody out" & its true she is emphatic on that point!

Which means, something a bit extra extra special!!! There are 5 other winners!
Maddie of Persisting Stars, dear Constance of Rochambeau, Mandy of Pearl Maple, Ashley of Decor Amor, & Victoria of Florence & mary!!! i have something wonderful in mind for each of you, but its going to take me a couple of days to bring them to creative fruition, so i dont have photos as yet, but im so excited with what im dreaming up!!!! Congratulations everybody! Please email me & let me know where these little packages are off to(my email is

Today is filled with the loveliness we send & recieve along the breezes of blogland!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

something special!

50 posts!!!

& 5 months of an inspiring & wonderful blogging journey! so to celebrate id so love to give away a sparkly little journal.

A place where thoughts flutter fervently,
& where the treasures of your composing emerge!

So please leave a comment on this post, & on Tuesday a winner shall be named~so *exciting*!!! {& have a most wonderful weekend!!!!!}


Soaring with eagles
unseen heights are discovered,
Refulgent beauty

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~ On that which Moves me ~

im thinking of doing a series of posts entitled "on that which moves me" every so often,
creating a selection of important things,
~things that, of late, inspire me deeply~

For many reasons,
~The Seahorse!!!~

Ensconsed in a world unperceivable, this tiny creature floats.
{image via}

Co-existing with pearls, & drifting along currents, their curly tale gracefully seeking a sturdy grip ~
& sometimes, although they reside in watery expanses surrounded by dancing coral & we reside on sturdy ground amidst blossoming flowers,
we both bob along paths or currents beyond ourselves, in a vast migration of acquired imagining, hoping to catch onto that which will steady us while we enjoy the scenery
{images via}

Noble Seahorses
Propelled by graceful fins
Carry mermaid seraphim
{i am SO amazed by the rate their fins flap at!}


A garden party
Luminarias aglow
All are welcome here!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Haiku Festival

I can Haiku,


Writing poetry so restricted by guidelines im finding relatively impossible :)
& yet this poetry which envelopes the essence of beautiful moments, i find so stimulating!

My first attempt ~

Fewer words say more

i couldn't finish it meaningfully Can anyone help me?

My 2 favourites from here & here

"Morning air
Tightly rolled
In her curlers"


"Drop by drop
Onto the old lantern
December rain"{& a beautiful video}

& a day of some sadness,

reading these stories,

& to see these dear children

Today ~

Capturing moments
So beautiful to behold,
They reside Forever

Together a light!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

she, my mother.

a celebration. for mothers. & motherhood.

{& our mother.}

she offers a doorway of hope.

always a light. to speak the truth. & teach us to reach upward. for a bouquet of dreams.

she plants a garden of hearts, tended with care.

she inspires loveliness.

she creates excellence.

she mends hearts.

illuminating precious moments
she decorates souls.

We love you

& Thank You

Truly, Dearly!
[painting by Monet}

Today is a day to share Love...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

a pretty little girl ~ [with an ever present curl]

There once was a little girl
With an efficacious curl
In the middle of her pretty forehead!

And everywhere she went,
her little horse was sure to follow
kindly, ever so.

A union of nursery rhymes, because they fit. My little sister~ when she was 2 or 3~ had a blonde ringlet that sat right in the middle of her forehead & boinged as she walked. Now that she's grown, we pull her curls loosely up into a bun...& there is always a pony or doll or something special tagging closely behind.

Today is full of pretty!

Friday, May 8, 2009

unexpected beauty

my cupboard.

a trail of unexpected beauty,
its lined with little memories, fabrics, journals, scarves, & pieces of emerging imagination, playing a dulcet melody every time i slide open the door.

there seems to be unexpected beauty round every corner...
i most marvellously bumped into this fish tank,

glowing with effervescent vitality, while walking through the cosmetics section of David Jones(because fish tanks, it seems, are essential decorations as we apply our make-up! ~aesthetic kinship residing gracefully beside us~ )

& this moment of delectable beauty when i happened upon camelias that had been sensitively placed there to drink.

Today the beauty that happens upon us astounds me! how thankful i am for precious moments shared...
& this song...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

peering over the fence betimes

Peering over the fence betimes, in a gown of recycled resplendance,

i reminisced apon the weekend's festivities...

a mini ysa convention,

including a dance ~ to groove :), a mini carnival ~ complete with water dunker!, a talent show ~ la la laa, & a fireside

rowing upstream, i wish today was filled with quiet paddling,

scribbling notes in a lavendar journal, nibbling Easter chocolates & enjoying the roses, all from the solace of an abandoned old boat hull.

Today requires effort!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

a list of pretty

Some things that make my heart pitter-pat:

my favourite painting by Renoir

a lampshade

a sweet room

an umbrella

some chairs

more chairs



& stools
{images via}

Today home is where the heart is!