Tuesday, May 5, 2009

peering over the fence betimes

Peering over the fence betimes, in a gown of recycled resplendance,

i reminisced apon the weekend's festivities...

a mini ysa convention,

including a dance ~ to groove :), a mini carnival ~ complete with water dunker!, a talent show ~ la la laa, & a fireside

rowing upstream, i wish today was filled with quiet paddling,

scribbling notes in a lavendar journal, nibbling Easter chocolates & enjoying the roses, all from the solace of an abandoned old boat hull.

Today requires effort!


  1. Recycled resplendance sure is the word for it, tell us more about this creation? Looks like lots of work went into this one.

  2. Did you create that fabulous recycled dress? Is that you?? It's a great creation!
    Sounds like you've been having some fun ~
    Dancing, A mini Carnivale, Chocolate?
    Who could ask for more?
    Did it merit lip gloss or what?


  3. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my place this week--and for joining in on the haiku festival! :o) It is so nice to meet you and in turn find this beautiful place of yours. Recycled resplendence...I love that! Such a fun post...glad you had fun. And glad you took us along. I look forward to visiting here again. Happy Days :o)

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  5. Yes! i did make it ~ but its my little sister wearing it~ hopefully i'll do a post about it next week!