Monday, May 11, 2009

Haiku Festival

I can Haiku,


Writing poetry so restricted by guidelines im finding relatively impossible :)
& yet this poetry which envelopes the essence of beautiful moments, i find so stimulating!

My first attempt ~

Fewer words say more

i couldn't finish it meaningfully Can anyone help me?

My 2 favourites from here & here

"Morning air
Tightly rolled
In her curlers"


"Drop by drop
Onto the old lantern
December rain"{& a beautiful video}

& a day of some sadness,

reading these stories,

& to see these dear children

Today ~

Capturing moments
So beautiful to behold,
They reside Forever

Together a light!


  1. I joined this haiku fest as well. Beautiful haiku choices and photo of the clouds.

  2. These are so lovely, Chenoa! Your photo image too makes your whole post a beautiful experience. Thanks so much for joining us! Many have been having a great time with this. It's been a fun day! So good to meet you and many from this--wonderful opportunity to meet and share. :o)

  3. You have written such a lovely and meaningful post. I feel sad too to see the terrible things you have highlighted but I also feel uplifted by the lanterns!
    I tried to finish your first attempt-
    Fewer words say more,
    Silence says it all at times,
    Combined with a touch.
    Fewer words say more,
    A look, a silent touch may
    Express my love now.
    lovely to visit!
    Sarah :)

  4. fewer words say more
    your invitation a joy
    this bridge of beauty

    A beautiful place here, your blog with word and images that moves your heart...

  5. What a fun poetry filled post! Beautiful image too!

  6. You have a gift with words Chenoa!!
    Enjoy feeling your light!