Friday, May 8, 2009

unexpected beauty

my cupboard.

a trail of unexpected beauty,
its lined with little memories, fabrics, journals, scarves, & pieces of emerging imagination, playing a dulcet melody every time i slide open the door.

there seems to be unexpected beauty round every corner...
i most marvellously bumped into this fish tank,

glowing with effervescent vitality, while walking through the cosmetics section of David Jones(because fish tanks, it seems, are essential decorations as we apply our make-up! ~aesthetic kinship residing gracefully beside us~ )

& this moment of delectable beauty when i happened upon camelias that had been sensitively placed there to drink.

Today the beauty that happens upon us astounds me! how thankful i am for precious moments shared...
& this song...


  1. Lovely Photos! Thanks for letting me know that fishtanks are a necessity when applying cosmetics! I'll run out and get one right now! :)

  2. I would jump to the moon to recieve an invitation to play in your cupboard? Such a magical place!!
    I'm inspired!!
    Hope you are having a lovely day Chenoa!