Thursday, May 21, 2009

colossal giant of a mighty man!

heart paved in gold, footsteps lined with kindest deeds, music of a true musician, dear brother of mine!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

its tradition to have a birthday banner from the supermarket,

& balloons.

giving handmade gifts.

this one from his youngest sister.

& from his oldest sister{me!}, a work in motion. still so much to do, varnish the wood in dark brown, trinkets to add, his eagle feather,

with the chain i made him 2 years ago hanging below, after he asked for one "like Johnny Depp has please!" {where ever he goes, people ask if they can take photos of it} :)

& for anyone else having a birthday in May, may your year be filled with too many good things to count!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your brother!
    His celebration looked wonderful!
    Also his gift!


  2. I love that you delight in your relationship with your brother. That is all too rare. Happy, happy birthday to your dear brother.