Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~ On that which Moves me ~

im thinking of doing a series of posts entitled "on that which moves me" every so often,
creating a selection of important things,
~things that, of late, inspire me deeply~

For many reasons,
~The Seahorse!!!~

Ensconsed in a world unperceivable, this tiny creature floats.
{image via treehugger.com}

Co-existing with pearls, & drifting along currents, their curly tale gracefully seeking a sturdy grip ~
& sometimes, although they reside in watery expanses surrounded by dancing coral & we reside on sturdy ground amidst blossoming flowers,
we both bob along paths or currents beyond ourselves, in a vast migration of acquired imagining, hoping to catch onto that which will steady us while we enjoy the scenery
{images via kindergallery.com}

Noble Seahorses
Propelled by graceful fins
Carry mermaid seraphim
{i am SO amazed by the rate their fins flap at!}


A garden party
Luminarias aglow
All are welcome here!


  1. Hi Chenoa,
    Beautiful underwater seahorses you create. And the photo of the real one is evocative too!
    A party for dessert!


  2. Nice post, seahorses are interesting little creatures. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  3. A really beautiful post...I've always been fascinated by seahorses too...such dreamy, mystical creatures. Happy Day :o)