Monday, May 18, 2009

a bucket full of joy!!!

some days we stand atop grand horizons,

basking in the candle's glow,

gathering bundles of flowering joy...

moments to savour & celebrations to share.

Today is one of those days! the name that got pulled out of the hat{figuratively, it was actually a cup}

*drumroll* Tracey of Pink Purl! Congratulations!!! Im very happy for you, & also, there has been deep gratitude in my heart for each & every one of you who signed up...after i picked the name, i was observing to my Mum how much i wish i had more to give & she said, "well you know me im all for not leaving anybody out" & its true she is emphatic on that point!

Which means, something a bit extra extra special!!! There are 5 other winners!
Maddie of Persisting Stars, dear Constance of Rochambeau, Mandy of Pearl Maple, Ashley of Decor Amor, & Victoria of Florence & mary!!! i have something wonderful in mind for each of you, but its going to take me a couple of days to bring them to creative fruition, so i dont have photos as yet, but im so excited with what im dreaming up!!!! Congratulations everybody! Please email me & let me know where these little packages are off to(my email is

Today is filled with the loveliness we send & recieve along the breezes of blogland!!!


  1. How sweet of you to be sharing your creative goodness with so many.

    Am off to check out your friends links now, have a great day.

  2. a little amendment:
    in the southern hemisphere we live in the future :) so even though my blog says Monday i wrote this post middle of the day Tuesday!(i have no idea how to change time zones) treasured thoughts & wonderful wishes,

  3. Just found your blog and it is lovely.

  4. Well, how exciting! I just emailed you my address :)
    Have a splendid day!

  5. How exciting and very kind of you!

    I'll email you now

    Victoria xx

  6. Thank you Meandering pearl!!
    I was having such a good day filled with hydrangeas and lily's and now it is a even a better day filled with wonderful happy surprise!

    We are lucky winner all of us. Lucky indeed!


  7. I like your blog... I like pictures in your blog... nice blog... nice you too...