Saturday, May 23, 2009

twinkling twinkling, yes we are!!

when i awoke monday morning the sky was beaming aqua. by nightfall, twas the whisper of a million dripping raindrops heard echoing overhead. the next day, our city was declared a state of emergency from flooding. it happened that quickly.

the first night of the floods i was curled up in my room watching this movie, Amazing Grace, & thinking about these men & the women that stood beside them. they fought for goodness, & left such a legacy of hope. & now these are our times. to be all that is within us so wonderfully. & bring hope & generosity & love to all those who feel so keenly the lack of it. twinkling marvellously!

"When its dark enough, you can see the stars." Charles Austin Beard
Let us be those stars!!!

Today blossoms deliciously with a rose petal meringue tower cake...

{images via pinkwallpaper blog, helene magnusson &}


  1. i've never been a fan of murals in the home but this looks so exquisite. i def would not mind all year cherry blossoms esp. in the bathrom. how lovely:)

  2. Beautiful post.
    The weather and world can be a dull old place some days but that should not stop us all from twinkling in our own way.

    Have heard that Gardams moved to Indooroopilly, a little out of the way for me, hope someone else around town picks up that niche for beautiful fabrics and the buttons that twinkle.

  3. Dear Chenoa,
    Your blog looks great.
    I'm hoping the rain has subsided?
    May we all have the chance (one day), to live in a Rose Meringue Tower!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog again!

    Hope you're having a good week,

    Victoria xx