Monday, June 1, 2009

the Garden of my heart

ta daa!

~a long week, full of winding difficulties & magnificent outcomes. a lovely weekend, with a birthday dinner in a rainforest. {May seemed filled with birthdays!}

~& at last, so many giveaways to show! The Garden of My Heart!!! it took me many hours to hopefully show you the beauty you have helped bloom in my heart
{when we need some new plants for our garden, we find them at a nursery. when our heart needs fresh foliage, we collect it from each other!}

For Ashley

{lavendar blossoms & pale pink velvet} shoes of enchantment

because her blog is filled with fragrant inspiration

For Victoria

magenta overtones & flocked cerise {& a black & white dog}

because her blog is filled with vintage finesse

For Maddie

a purple song{aqua chiffon whisking upon emerald waves & gentle vines of vibrant green growing oh so eloquently beside lilac blooms}

because her words are a melody & her photos a bouquet of visual serenity!

For Mandy

pure elegance{& softest kindness}

because she remembers the great thoughts of the past & documents our horizon beautifully

For Constance

a handbag of silk{lined with luxurious splendour}

& a noble bustle(of sumptuous charm}

offering her garden{as a place for dreams to grow}

beaming brightly through dark minutes

Always a light!!!!

Today blossoms fragrantly!!!


  1. Oh thank you ! These creations are all so beautiful, you really are very sweet to share. Hope you have been having fun with all those birthdays.

  2. Happy Birthday Chenoa!! Thank you for sharing of yourself & all of these most exquisite gifts! The words you write are just as beautiful as each present. Thank you for my sweet little bear with her silk~lined handbag. She is very sweet and lovely!