Monday, June 15, 2009


Two weeks ago, Elder Holland {an apostle from our church} came to visit...

it was one of those larger than life moments, truly spectacular for the soul!

He said,


like the spires on the Temple!"

"No matter who you are or where you've been, the future is glorious because you are a child of the Living God...

& it is available to you depending upon your footsteps of faith & decisions of righteousness."

His wife talked of the kind of faith you have when there's nothing else to hang on to.

She told a story of growing up in a little town in Utah, that her grandparents had settled. She grew up hearing of the pioneer women & their "great faith". One day, her 9 year old cousin & her decided to pack a "pioneer dinner ~ two steaks, two potatoes & some marshmallows", saddle the horses, & ride up to the top of the mountain & cook their meal. When they were away from the fire looking for willow branches to roast the marshmallows on, the fire grew. & when they returned, it had become a great brush fire which was heading for their uncles homestead & cattle. From there, it would have gone down into the valley & burnt out the entire town.

She said they were horrified. I can't even imagine the terror surging through these two little girls feeling so helpless, overseeing what appears to be unfolding in front of them. But they were filled with the kind of faith you have when there's nothing else to hang onto.

& so they dropped to their knees, & as they stood up from their prayer, the wind had turned, blowing the fire back on itself, until it became small enough for two young girls to put dirt on.

She said, Though to some it may seem a coincidence, she knew it was the power of God, & an answer to prayer.

& she told us, i have enough faith to share with you!!!

It was remarkable!

Today i ascend!


  1. What am amazing experience to hear these speakers and their powerful messages.

    Was lucky enough to tour the temple when it was open to the public, it had a great vibe to it.

    Really like the idea that the future can be glorious if you get up and put some effort into it.

    Thank you for your suggestions on the fabric store, will book the girlfriends for a weekend soon (as we save up bags of cash) to pop over and check it out.

    Recycled history looks great! Very creative

  2. Beautiful words and images.

  3. Hi, Chenoa... Catching up on your recent post... so lovely and inspiring... this one no exception! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  4. I left you a shoutout on my blog today!