Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my favourite painting by Monet:

~i was in the line at the servo today{gas station}, & shook my head in sadness & hung my head as i walked past the "unmentionable magazines". when i had a tiny thought that i was glad they were "at least away from the counter", i chided myself & thought, "why must they stock them at all?"

i am glad for this lovely magazine, rich with heirloom treasures...

gliding songbirds

pretty paisley

& a needle box


Today is floating on a stormy sea with grace.


  1. Hope your boat will sail into clam waters at sunset and that she will dock at a peaceful and beautiful place. One filled with promise and rare pearls!!


  2. That is one of my favorite Monet's too. And love this special magazine you've found...I'd not heard of it before--what a great find! Great to catch up with you here now we are returned from our two-week trip. :o) Happy weekend ahead, and wishing you great creative days! ((HUGS))