Thursday, April 30, 2009

blue days

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5

i love this photo. it is very dear to me
& i think of it sometimes, on

those days. blue days. when the world spins but you're standing still.

& it would be so agreeable to curl up on a lacey swing with powder blue particles swirling delicately about you

snuggled into a pale pink cardy, thats tied with a bow
{because all our lives should be fashioned after a gift & tied gently with a bow}

with a string of hearts{birthday ones} floating serenely overhead

& all the while He beckons


knocking softly,

because the door handle belongs to us.

Today meanders Eternally.

{image via art-e-zine,Tord Boontje,Dior &}

Sunday, April 26, 2009

calm waters

a tranquil weekend.

{despite being google free ~ while i was uploading my etsy goods sadly the computer had a meltdown, thankfully now restored}

a moment of precious instant sailing towards dreams

because today "my eyes have seen the most amazing things"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the colours of the rainbow in my heart

these are the colours of the rainbows in my heart...

& a ribbon cake :)

with beautiful flocked & embossed papers by the fabulous Cristina Re

a peach delight,

frilly skirts,

gallant imaginings{of the feminine kind}

Love, in softest white,

fragrant flowers,

& shoes called Aubergine

can all be found in my little nest

Today im exhausted! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apricot Roses Blush {Spring's Pure Essence}

Hello! & Thank You for all your delightful comments & compliments :)

"Every centimetre of our lives is carried in our hearts" my Mum.
i was pondering this & the precious opportunity we have to fill our lives & all those we pass by with layers of beauty, tucked in treasured tins that overflow with exuberences of lace & sprinklings of sunshine.

Wearing shoes of softest splendour, our footprints delineate the milestones we've witnessed,

those we've accomplished, & some yet to be achieved.

i made these little shoes & put them in a matchbox to remind me.

& i had another thought, pertaining to the journals i made.

for about five years now i have wanted to make journals.

brimming with beauty & filled with pocket pages, a place to breath new life into old wounds, & to find safe harbour for cherished memories. a place to pen listlessly, & to ruminate thoughtfully. a garden for the pocket & a felicity for the eye. a solace for the souls rejuvenation.

i think i've found the right time to make my treasured journals accesible to you {though i wasnt sure about posting them up here, as i didnt want my blog to be about selling things, so lovely has been my eavesdropping of your beautiful words, that i made it more of a gesture of appreciation ~though as i have discovered, selling things that "gladden the heart & please the eye" make everybody's life more beautiful ~& that sharing something of our talents is a treat for all}
so, i have begun to create a few moleskin beauties[like the ones i put in my last post], & hopefully they will be available on Friday.

Today i ponder the Eternal nature of love...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tres bella ~ so beautiful: Vignettes of Beauty


Take a peek inside my handbag at the vignettes i brought...

colours of rose & heart shaped trappings sit atop a shelf in my room

easter eggs nestled in a glossy pile, sheltering under a vibrant bouquet, a smiling cherub overseeing the scene, while a Katrin Muller bear passes by{the bear is my favourite, we got it for Mum for her birthday!}

a journal i covered for Mum... after i made this one:

for me

it is astounding to me, when i see them side by side, that two vastly different though equally precious outcomes resulted from the same colour scheme. one dripping with regal resplendance{her layers of wisdom & beauty}, the other oozing shabby chic[inner beauty en route as a work in progress] :)

A tremendous word of Thanks to our host of whisperingpoppies,

one of the many blogs who has inspired me to dream! Her work warms the heart! & invites us to Remember

Thank You most dearly for visiting & have a beautifully sunny day!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To illuminate the beautiful

One look at the invitation & my heart skipped a beat...but what is a vignette? it sounds so elegant & luxurious.

A tribute to beautiful scenarios, what a lovely party! id love to come..with a few of my favourite things. Until tomorrow,
Sumptuous wishes

Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter anonymity

this week has been spying moving clouds through car windows, poking & blowing the eggyolks out of eggs under moonbeams~surrounded by porchlight, big juicy drops of rain from sunshowers, & tiny polite ones drizzling onto the windowpane, in the likeness of a dance..with packaging the parcels parties in my room...

until presto,

graceful packages appeared, like a rainbow of chandeliers, filling souls with porous light as we gleefully embarked on a knock & run journey of easter anonymity...

today i hum

Have a lovely Easter everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

gifting, papaya leaves & dancing magpies

Some flowers for you

Awaking to the summit of tomorrows dawn, i can hear the rooster crowing faintly across the way, reminding me the horizon of choices is rising before me once more, & that the path will unfold according to the choices i make :)

So with a tired limp i stumbled out of bed{old age is creeping quietly :) ], & as my body limbered up, so too did my we began packaging our easter knock & i love the holidays!!!

Today i climb higher

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a fairy picnic

it seems we have some fairies in our garden, for every afternoon great toadstools rise out of the lush grass, beckoning curiosity... & out of a faraway turret window, with our trusty telescope, we discovered a wonderful assemblage of fairy folk, making great & sparkling plans.

what were they planning i wonder? hopefully it involved fairy dust & alot of wishes!

i think i could hear this song floating faintly along the evening breeze.

Today id heart one of these xox