Thursday, April 2, 2009

to dance among the clouds

that first moment of quiet awe & held breath when a little girl opens a music box, the delight in her eyes when she sees the tiny slender figurine begin to twirl to the music. do you remember the thrill? have you ever seen it unfold?

{image via}
the days when the world was so fresh & full, inspiration swirling through the air, to be inspected with the most attentive imagination.

every strap of licorice, every hula hoop & toadstool, every rocking horse & merry-go-round, every penny farthing, every blossom & marble held infinite delight.

but we're not so far away from that. only one generation. & our world is full of inspiration too ~ now. the majesties of the universe, the rhythm of nature, the smile on the face of a friend, the dreams in our heart that conduct our footsteps

towards the stars


  1. Lovely thoughts and images here. Thank you so much for your visit. Hope to hear from you again soon. Isn't this blogland community amazing?
    Lisa & Alfie

  2. Beautiful thoughts and photographs to match Meandering Pearl!
    There will always be magic and wonder until the end. You are right!