Friday, July 30, 2010

'It is our priviledge & ability to shine!'
...{To fill our sphere with bright sparkles of goodness/wholesome living/loveliness & beauty, of thought/word & deed}

Today, pink fountains flow!

Have a perfectly Pink Saturday,
with Shimmering Sprinkles on top!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

our potentiality-for-Being

"sometimes there is a book that comes into existence which acts like a timebomb on the intellectual community..."

i studied this book & man {Being & Time/Martin Heidegger} while i was doing Philosophy at uni ~for one semester :)~ & it has always moved me...

He writes of Dasein [or people] which translated means being there, we are beings who are there

of our tendency towards seeing
& hearkening

& how our state of mind & understanding can be discovered through discouse

i've always thought it akin to Kierkegaards "Knight of faith"

he explains of how we get swept up in the They-self[or the world]
but our conscience reminds us[or calls to us]

to help us find our "ownmost-potentiality-for-being", that which we can press into
& become authentic beings

how moods are assertained by observation of one another

& how it is our responsibility{through knowledge & will} become master of our moods

& find our destiny...{how to give an overview of a thousand page book in a hundred words or less?}

while i was reading this out to Mum today & discussing it with her, my 12 year old sister exclaimed "thats the most beautiful thing i've ever heard!"

thats when i thought i'd share it with you
hope your day is filled with beautiful possibilities!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~ tale of a tea cup...

on days when poems become symphonies...

{"it is the inner essence of poetry to awaken & enlarge the mind itself by rendering it[the mind] the receptical of one thousand unapprehended combinations" ~ P.B Shelley}

...we love to sing along :) & include our tea cups:

such a versatile & well travelled little ornament

that has held a wide array of cherished contents

a precious little companion

today, Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!!!

postnote - the beginning cup is fairly new, from Royal Doulton & the cup in the last picture i bought for my Mum a few years ago from Canterbury & Lace{a gift shop} - loads of smiles -

so much beauty!!!

~ today is spent languishing in beauty ~
{from this film ~ Bright Star}
[from this letter ~ John Keats] found under letters, To Jane Reynolds, September 14th 1817
(from this picture ~ normandy chateau)
{from this dear giveaway}

styling by Kristin Perers & Finola Inger

Thursday, July 22, 2010

~ ever brighter she shone.

because some days are brightly lit...with rose scented soap, porcelain dolls, animal print fabrics, white highlights & ruffles{i hope one day for an entire wall of ruffles!!!} sending smiles

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ the merit of a smile '.'

the days have been long & like winding journies, {so i guess this post is too...}, filtered with smiles from friends by way of text messages{their merit is extraordinary}, & seeing with new eyes{perspectives that move us from where we are to somewhere higher, kinder, more endearing to the heart} watching this cherishable movie, & humming all the while, because thats what dreams are made of!!!

[with my absolute favourite quote from one of Dickens' novels -which was said to a girl about her PA after he searched for her for many years through the great depravity & hardship they were both enduring-

"Aye Emily, beautiful & drooping, cling to him with the utmost trust of thy bruised heart; for he has clung to thee, with all the might of his great love"!!!]