Saturday, July 10, 2010

brightly lit, the day

{textures in photos 2 & 6 from boccacino's set on flickr~ just gorgeous!}
dancing in the kitchen~ most gracefully to this & more upbeat to this{while sweeping}, a delicate pool of shadows{floating on the wall}, spacious caverns ensconcing a vivid repertoire of emotion, with limes & avocado{a day flecked with highlights}

"i look about me, & make a discovery"
"he thought so much of others, because he thought so little of himself."
today, "a light shines on my way!"

the 1st & 3rd quote are chapter headings from Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield, & the 2nd is a quote about Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin given by his son~ these 3 quotes are the most succinct way to sum up my thoughts today, i could write for hours upon them :)
loveliest thoughts

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  1. Beautiful images! I so love visiting and seeing the beauties you capture.