Thursday, July 29, 2010

our potentiality-for-Being

"sometimes there is a book that comes into existence which acts like a timebomb on the intellectual community..."

i studied this book & man {Being & Time/Martin Heidegger} while i was doing Philosophy at uni ~for one semester :)~ & it has always moved me...

He writes of Dasein [or people] which translated means being there, we are beings who are there

of our tendency towards seeing
& hearkening

& how our state of mind & understanding can be discovered through discouse

i've always thought it akin to Kierkegaards "Knight of faith"

he explains of how we get swept up in the They-self[or the world]
but our conscience reminds us[or calls to us]

to help us find our "ownmost-potentiality-for-being", that which we can press into
& become authentic beings

how moods are assertained by observation of one another

& how it is our responsibility{through knowledge & will} become master of our moods

& find our destiny...{how to give an overview of a thousand page book in a hundred words or less?}

while i was reading this out to Mum today & discussing it with her, my 12 year old sister exclaimed "thats the most beautiful thing i've ever heard!"

thats when i thought i'd share it with you
hope your day is filled with beautiful possibilities!!!


  1. Becoming authentic beings is a beautiful aim for life.

    Thank you, my mail box had a sweet surpise today.

  2. Just wanted to say that I know what you mean about books! They move me, enchant me and words can conjure a spell that lasts a long time after the last page has been read.