Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ the merit of a smile '.'

the days have been long & like winding journies, {so i guess this post is too...}, filtered with smiles from friends by way of text messages{their merit is extraordinary}, & seeing with new eyes{perspectives that move us from where we are to somewhere higher, kinder, more endearing to the heart} watching this cherishable movie, & humming all the while, because thats what dreams are made of!!!

[with my absolute favourite quote from one of Dickens' novels -which was said to a girl about her PA after he searched for her for many years through the great depravity & hardship they were both enduring-

"Aye Emily, beautiful & drooping, cling to him with the utmost trust of thy bruised heart; for he has clung to thee, with all the might of his great love"!!!]

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  1. Pretty post full of sparkles, your digital creations are lovely, what program are you using for those?