Tuesday, June 30, 2009

on that which moves me ~ Fabric Flowers

i heart...

layers of shimmering material

petals so precious,
& sweetly sublime!

framed with ribbons

& illuminated with gold medalions

expressing an admiration for the beauty in nature!!!

Today reflects sweetness...{nestled in each of us!}

Monday, June 29, 2009

Softly, softly

i made this pocket canvas for Mum.

i had hoped to make a different one for each member of the family, about 3 or 4 months ago,

& had grand visions of finally making a large canvas

with pockets & fabric, & painting & lace
that resembled a quilt

but since this has sat on my floor for about that length of time, only just being finished,

my dreams shall have to wait.

Today is full of enthusiasm! {words of elegance!} & bright wishes for you!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"He found a white suit enlivened his spirit."
Mark Twain

Today is found!

image via New York Times

Monday, June 15, 2009


Two weeks ago, Elder Holland {an apostle from our church} came to visit...

it was one of those larger than life moments, truly spectacular for the soul!

He said,


like the spires on the Temple!"

"No matter who you are or where you've been, the future is glorious because you are a child of the Living God...

& it is available to you depending upon your footsteps of faith & decisions of righteousness."

His wife talked of the kind of faith you have when there's nothing else to hang on to.

She told a story of growing up in a little town in Utah, that her grandparents had settled. She grew up hearing of the pioneer women & their "great faith". One day, her 9 year old cousin & her decided to pack a "pioneer dinner ~ two steaks, two potatoes & some marshmallows", saddle the horses, & ride up to the top of the mountain & cook their meal. When they were away from the fire looking for willow branches to roast the marshmallows on, the fire grew. & when they returned, it had become a great brush fire which was heading for their uncles homestead & cattle. From there, it would have gone down into the valley & burnt out the entire town.

She said they were horrified. I can't even imagine the terror surging through these two little girls feeling so helpless, overseeing what appears to be unfolding in front of them. But they were filled with the kind of faith you have when there's nothing else to hang onto.

& so they dropped to their knees, & as they stood up from their prayer, the wind had turned, blowing the fire back on itself, until it became small enough for two young girls to put dirt on.

She said, Though to some it may seem a coincidence, she knew it was the power of God, & an answer to prayer.

& she told us, i have enough faith to share with you!!!

It was remarkable!

Today i ascend!

Remembering Tomorrow

~Recycled History~
An effort to remember our children, & to save them...
a journey of recycling...

How does this...
a pile of seeming junk, not fit to be worn or beautified

become this,

which inevitably

becomes this gown.
{not such a great photo, it doesnt really show the detail, wow the jacket was hard to make! i had to measure it on me ~since i dont have a dress mannequinn~ late at nights when my sister was asleep.}

"where happy little bluebirds {nest]"
{everyone kept asking me, 'why are their 50 toilet rolls in the cupboard?' :)

i began this feat as part of this project,

which was kind of part of my 'google degree' as i call it :) how i love the things the internet makes accessible, wisdom & beauty & images from all corners of the world

climbing ladders of splendour,

to retrieve loveliness

on behalf of my little sister...

i made this gown for her, & for children everywhere

Children ~ holding their future in our hands!

& this song of togetherness! {how do we organize one of these in Brisbane?}

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a journey in essence

as i was rushing out the door with a journal i had made for one of Mum's friends, these photos happened upon me.


i propped it against a vase as i was washing my pear. {next to some flowers from the garden my little sister arranged.}

the stems in the vase reminded me of this post{so delicate}

as i was slipping on my shoes{the didgeridoo at the front door made me smile}

getting in the car it was a burst of colour

but she wasnt there so it shall be a next-time present

& a little something for you

a precious plate filled with sweetness

{the teacup & saucer was a most wonderful find at the Royal Doulton shop, in the airport DirectFactoryOutlet, so much loveliness!}

& this post because it fits. a kind of musical algorithm deep in the bush, a melody of branches

& this gorgeous family ensemble because

Today sings!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heroes Beside Us

"Ladies & Gentlemen, young & old,
This may seem an unusual procedure
Speaking to you before the picture begins
But we have an unusual subject.
The story of the birth of freedom,
The story of Moses.
As many of you know,
The Holy Bible omits some 30 of Moses’ life
From the time he was a 3 month old baby
& was found in the bulrushes by Bithia,
The daughter of Pharoah
Adopted into the court of Egypt
Until he learned that he was Hebrew
& killed an Egyptian.
To fill in these missing years,
We turn to ancient historians
Such as Philo & Josephus.
Philo wrote at the time Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth
& Josephus wrote some 50 years later
& watched the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.
These historians had access to documents long since destroyed
Or perhaps lost, like the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The theme of this picture
Is whether men are to be ruled by Gods Law
Or whether they are to be ruled by the whims of a dictator like Ramesses.
Are men the property of the state,
Or are they free souls under God.
This same battle continues throughout the world today.
Our intention was not to create a story,
But to be worthy of the divinely inspired story
Created 3,000 years ago in the books of Moses."
~Cecil B. Demille

i was watching the Ten Commandments a couple of weeks ago, & before it begins, Cecil B. Demille comes out from the red curtains & gives the above speech. i thought it so lovely & fitting to share!

At a time when freedom is celebrated, these words ring loud & truly,

"O Ye that love mankind! Ye that dares oppose not only the tyranny but the tyrant, stand forth! Every spot of the old World is overrun with oppression. Freedom has been hunted around the globe. Europe regards her like a stranger and England hath given her warning to depart."

We remember the heroes that have gone before us, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Abraham Lincoln, & the freedom in which they believed

& those heroes who now stand by our sides,

every man, woman & child who believes, as Tom Paine did those many years ago,

"We have it in our power to begin the world again!"

Today is profound!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


~ Beauty in Thought
& power of Understanding,
Mobilizes Hope

Today glistens!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my favourite painting by Monet:

~i was in the line at the servo today{gas station}, & shook my head in sadness & hung my head as i walked past the "unmentionable magazines". when i had a tiny thought that i was glad they were "at least away from the counter", i chided myself & thought, "why must they stock them at all?"

i am glad for this lovely magazine, rich with heirloom treasures...

gliding songbirds

pretty paisley

& a needle box


Today is floating on a stormy sea with grace.

Monday, June 1, 2009

the Garden of my heart

ta daa!

~a long week, full of winding difficulties & magnificent outcomes. a lovely weekend, with a birthday dinner in a rainforest. {May seemed filled with birthdays!}

~& at last, so many giveaways to show! The Garden of My Heart!!! it took me many hours to hopefully show you the beauty you have helped bloom in my heart
{when we need some new plants for our garden, we find them at a nursery. when our heart needs fresh foliage, we collect it from each other!}

For Ashley

{lavendar blossoms & pale pink velvet} shoes of enchantment

because her blog is filled with fragrant inspiration

For Victoria

magenta overtones & flocked cerise {& a black & white dog}

because her blog is filled with vintage finesse

For Maddie

a purple song{aqua chiffon whisking upon emerald waves & gentle vines of vibrant green growing oh so eloquently beside lilac blooms}

because her words are a melody & her photos a bouquet of visual serenity!

For Mandy

pure elegance{& softest kindness}

because she remembers the great thoughts of the past & documents our horizon beautifully

For Constance

a handbag of silk{lined with luxurious splendour}

& a noble bustle(of sumptuous charm}

offering her garden{as a place for dreams to grow}

beaming brightly through dark minutes

Always a light!!!!

Today blossoms fragrantly!!!