Monday, November 30, 2009

Mosaic Monday...

Bringing Christmas Cheer
& a poultice for our hearts

in a sparkling season, hopefulness all array;
glittering merriment
& discovering the joy of giving

Today is Summer's eve & the beauty of the coming season...

something wonderful!~

picnics on the lawn,

a chair by the stairs,

a gleaming kitchen

& a snuggle-up room

a floral couch

& a fountain of light

i could live here!!!{a house full of Spring air & fairytale shine, abounding in muted palettes & twinkling possibility} a happily ever ending...

images via

on that which moves me ~ chandeliers & cheetahs

teardrops suspended in crystal formation

or raining words

& animals remebering

when tears remain...

Today is pure effort!!!

images via #1 ada & darcy, #2 pottery barn, #3-5 source unknown

Thursday, November 26, 2009

congratulations too!!:

And the winner is... *drumroll*...

Lazzenia of "A Beautiful Mess", a most beautiful blog!!!


two runners up {shall get a handmade journal just for them as well}!!!

so congratulations to Jan of the wondrous "Fancy That"
& a new friend Ceekay of "Thinkin' of Home"

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!
Today is raindrops & roses :)

p.s please email me your mailing addresses at &
in case the date on my post is confusing, it already is Friday in the southern hemisphere i just havnt changed my calendar! :) kindest thoughts

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

stills from a life

dimensions of a moment

earnestly lived

& beautifully sought after

Today is stocking socks & silverware...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sugar & spice{& all things nice}

strawberry sundae opportunities

a profusion of petals

glowing, shining

tiptoeing gracefully

skipping gently through the heart!

Today is dainty imaginings & radiant ponderings, pliable discoveries & soothing actualities!

Monday, November 23, 2009

a gift of thanks!

Hi everyone!

what a busy week!

& now im happy to be back with a giveaway! {because its my 150th post!!}

& also because its a season for Thanksgiving...

though its not an Australian holiday, it is a lovely one!!!

So if you havnt won a journal here before, please feel welcome to leave a comment & share something you're thankful for...

& i'll announce the winner on Friday!

Today im Thankful for the wind in the trees, the frogs near the pond, my family beside me, my friends o'er the sea *&* all of you...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

simple monday

how could i resist two thoughtful invitations...

today is Blue Monday over at Sally's lovely blog,

& the Simple Things party over in Christina's wonderful world:

so some simple things on this blue monday...

~the first breath of light on the horizon
~the first star glimpsed in the night sky
~mother bird feeding her little ones
~tiny efficient ant colonies
~opaque recollections
~chives on a cheese & lettuce sandwich{chives make any ordinary sandwich taste gourmet!}
~the delectable taste of watermelon{its cooling capacity, sweet grainy flavour & sublime colouring;the perfect compliment to a hot Summer's day}
~the tumbled edges of watercolour paper...& its bumpy surface
~the camaraderie of a hearty handshake
~a dimple in a smiling cheek
~rain on the rooftop
~words, in all their melodious perpetuation{& the hum of silent letters in words like honeycomb & rhythmn}
~my little sister saying {when things dont go as planned} "uh-oh, its gone pear shaped!"
~love, the essential ingredient for humanity
~blossoms on trees
~Christmas time/the spirit of giving beyond oneself

i was pondering whether i had blue photos

for Blue Monday

& i remembered these

taken a few weeks ago when i went for an early morning drive

i have heard about all your love of mornings
& read the words of Miss Christina saying "she sets her alarm clock just to watch the sun rise"

then one morning, when nothing in particular was wrong{but the heart needed a little peptalk}

i took a 6:30am drive into our Botannic Gardens, & listened to our river tugging at the house boats...people were cycling/walking/running/bustling, birds were singing/plants were growing/sun was shining...the whole atmosphere was thriving{in a dulcet harmony of loveliness!!!}

Happy Blue Monday! Today is remembering the simple things in the courtyard of the heart!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

pink rejoicing

Today i was in Spotlight & noticed a bunch of pink balloons floating on the desk there. i thought what a cheery bouquet for the blog...& at only $1.29 each how could i resist!! as they bundled them up into a bag{helium balloons in a bag!} it was a sweet kind of elation!!! i highly recommend buying some!!!!

Today is a very pink kind of day...Happy Pink Saturday!!! please visit Beverly's sweet sounding blog for a myriad of pink!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

floating towards

that which is special

upon lovely breezes

i could imagine sitting under 'an cobblestone bridge' & watching these:

the pages of tranquility
floating, floating, gently down the stream

gathering an armful of wishes

& blowing them into the current of the wind, under the quiet beams emitting from the moon

Today im tired!

image #2 via French Garden House, #3 via scissorsandpaperrock blog