Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hidden valleys ~ vistas of gold{with flecks of shining silver}

the day shone fresh

& Radiant!

walking along the street a couple of weeks ago, & passing an inviting looking doorway

we went find an art exhibit in the Hamilton room! works heralding giant butterflies & tiny boatsheds nestled at the end of a pier ~ & my favourite, a watercolour, two ladies in Victorian dress, being poured tea, underneath the branches of a blooming jacaranda tree.

...The days lately,

are either filled with skies of brilliant cardboard blue

{that looks as though if you could stretch up high enough your fingertips would touch it}

or grey skies painting the treetops with flecks of shining silver.


  1. What gorgeous photographs! The last is my absolute favorite, but the lighting in all of them is stunning.

  2. You take such lovely photographs, specially the photos of flowers!