Monday, November 16, 2009

simple monday

how could i resist two thoughtful invitations...

today is Blue Monday over at Sally's lovely blog,

& the Simple Things party over in Christina's wonderful world:

so some simple things on this blue monday...

~the first breath of light on the horizon
~the first star glimpsed in the night sky
~mother bird feeding her little ones
~tiny efficient ant colonies
~opaque recollections
~chives on a cheese & lettuce sandwich{chives make any ordinary sandwich taste gourmet!}
~the delectable taste of watermelon{its cooling capacity, sweet grainy flavour & sublime colouring;the perfect compliment to a hot Summer's day}
~the tumbled edges of watercolour paper...& its bumpy surface
~the camaraderie of a hearty handshake
~a dimple in a smiling cheek
~rain on the rooftop
~words, in all their melodious perpetuation{& the hum of silent letters in words like honeycomb & rhythmn}
~my little sister saying {when things dont go as planned} "uh-oh, its gone pear shaped!"
~love, the essential ingredient for humanity
~blossoms on trees
~Christmas time/the spirit of giving beyond oneself

i was pondering whether i had blue photos

for Blue Monday

& i remembered these

taken a few weeks ago when i went for an early morning drive

i have heard about all your love of mornings
& read the words of Miss Christina saying "she sets her alarm clock just to watch the sun rise"

then one morning, when nothing in particular was wrong{but the heart needed a little peptalk}

i took a 6:30am drive into our Botannic Gardens, & listened to our river tugging at the house boats...people were cycling/walking/running/bustling, birds were singing/plants were growing/sun was shining...the whole atmosphere was thriving{in a dulcet harmony of loveliness!!!}

Happy Blue Monday! Today is remembering the simple things in the courtyard of the heart!!!


  1. Thank you Pearl, for meeting the challenge! Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  2. aren't you the most beautiful of souls. your morning sounds so inviting.
    and such beautiful light, you have stumbled upon. xo

  3. What an inspiring list! Lovely words! And your blue Monday photos are wonderful!
    Not a big fan of pink but your blog gives a sweet, cosy dimension to it. Love it!

  4. What beautiful photographs. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful Blue Monday.

  5. Beautiful photographs and lovely simple things. I too love the feel of watercolour paper...hadn't really thought about it until I saw your list and thought "aha"!

  6. a glimpse of dawn is one of my very favorite simple things! it is worth so much to get up a bit early.

    your world is so beautiful!

  7. rain on the rooftop is glorious. I will try the chives on my sandwich

  8. Your list is full of romance..which I love. I do also adore the rain as well.

  9. beautiful shots - and i love your sister's saying. it's brilliant

  10. you amaze me as always friend! and blue is so simple!

  11. Happy Pearl lustered Tuesday Cheona!
    Your sisters' quote "when things dont go as planned...... "uh-oh, its gone pear shaped"! is my favorite. Also love the morning so much!!
    Hope you are having a happy tuesday!

  12. Ah.. and what beautiful pictures you chose for Blue Monday! Blessings!

  13. Pearl, these are such lovely, lovely shots and thoughts, too.

    Checking in from Pink Saturday. I had internet troubles all week, so I'm a tad slow on the visting this week, but I wanted to drop by and visit.


    Sheila :-)

  14. Lovely images to celebrate shades of blue, hope the weekend is treating you well.