Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sugar & spice{& all things nice}

strawberry sundae opportunities

a profusion of petals

glowing, shining

tiptoeing gracefully

skipping gently through the heart!

Today is dainty imaginings & radiant ponderings, pliable discoveries & soothing actualities!


  1. I love the name of your blog - my little girl's name means pearl in French.

    Beautiful photographs of such pretty pink things!

  2. Those roses have to be the prettiest pink roses I have ever seen. Oh and I am not sure what delicious thing is sitting in the tea cup but I want a bite or 2 or 3...

  3. Sucha a lovely photos. Those roses are so soft and sweet.
    Yuour blog is always inspiring <3

  4. Beautiful photos, it is nice to take some time and enjoy the things in life that bring us joy.

  5. those pink flowers are beautiful!

    such a joy.