Sunday, November 1, 2009

all aglow ~ Dia di Bloglandia

i first heard of Dia de los muertos

when i happened across this endearing altered book on Karens Whimsy{the poem seemed particularly special}

then i found a book she did for the holiday, & her explanation of it was touching

i did a little more research into the meaning of la ofrenda & found this

& so now i feel ready to participate in this...Dia di Bloglandia

with my cigar box contribution for the children of Oaxaca

i think that because it is a day

when dear ones are supposed to visit from heaven

{& keeping in mind that everywhere we go we take a little piece of where we've been}

i wanted it to feel like a little bit of that, some heaven on earth...

with an oversized window box{for the beauty & growth} & some special books{for imparting their journey & wisdom}

beckoning generously

& sharing

as the little bird overlooks,
Remembering...& Anticipating a favoured reunion.
My offering
is dedicated

to someone who often discovered echidnas in long grass,
who loved the sunshine
& blowing big bubble gum bubbles

who wore pink & red
& sang like the sweetest of songbirds

who knew how to love, & she does!

Today is eternal families!!!


  1. muchas gracias mi amor!!!
    your generosity will make dreams come true!!

  2. Such a loving,charming and exquisite tribute
    beautifully presented.

  3. Incredibly lovely. You do right by her, i am sure she is smiling.

  4. The love and deep feeling truly shine through here.

    thank you for being part of dia de bloglandia,


  5. Beautiful!
    your altar and your words, too!

  6. your shrine and words are beautiful- and i really loved the child's beautiful.

  7. Such a beautiful shrine!! I love it.

  8. I hope this day is filled with heavenly memories of your departed loved ones. It is a lovely shrine!

  9. Your ofrenda is so feminine and so pretty! Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Beautiful sentiments and such a loving tribute! Blessings!

  11. A lovely post and your alter cigar box is fantastic~darling doll included:) Thank you for sharing and including those links too!

  12. I loved your words. That was a very warm tribute I like that you said "everywhere where we go we take a little of where we've been." That is so true. Thank you for sharing this tribute. It was heartwarming. Have a great week.

  13. What a lovely tribute and a beautiful shrine. It does feel like a little bit of heaven in a box indeed!

  14. how beautiful! thank you for sharing

  15. A lovely shrine. And what you said at the end, about eternal families.. very beautiful!
    Thanks for the information about ofrendas, too. All the best!

  16. Thank you for sharing dia de bloglandia and your own fabulous creation, looks like you are having fun with the altered book themes. Beautiful tribute too, hope your day is full of sunshine.