Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a journey in essence

as i was rushing out the door with a journal i had made for one of Mum's friends, these photos happened upon me.


i propped it against a vase as i was washing my pear. {next to some flowers from the garden my little sister arranged.}

the stems in the vase reminded me of this post{so delicate}

as i was slipping on my shoes{the didgeridoo at the front door made me smile}

getting in the car it was a burst of colour

but she wasnt there so it shall be a next-time present

& a little something for you

a precious plate filled with sweetness

{the teacup & saucer was a most wonderful find at the Royal Doulton shop, in the airport DirectFactoryOutlet, so much loveliness!}

& this post because it fits. a kind of musical algorithm deep in the bush, a melody of branches

& this gorgeous family ensemble because

Today sings!!!


  1. Hi there, thanks for saying hello on my blog! So good to meet you : )


  2. How nice that in the middle of a busy day you had a moment to enjoy the pretty things in life. We should all have more of that.

    Royal Doulton is ever so pretty, did you find the DFO good value? Have not been through there yet and have a hankering for some cute red dishes.

  3. Very pretty journal, Chenoa--love the juicy colors! Delicious sweet, and so prettily presented...Happy Days ((HUGS))

  4. i wish I was enjoying the sweets along with the journal...i appreciate your visit in my space

  5. oh sweetheart, this is such a beautiful journal. i would melt if i touched it. ; )


  6. ps: the cupcake on the plate. sheer, bliss.