Friday, July 16, 2010

celebrating you.

cel·e·brate (sl-brt)
v. cel·e·brat·ed, cel·e·brat·ing, cel·e·brates
1. to share happy moments with the ones you love
2. {celebration} helps form bonds of friendship through expressing appreciation together

~ how vivid our moments
& thinking that ~ what we do here echoes in Eternity ~

~ finding the roses, Then stopping to smell them
~ seeing others through all the swirling colours of the rainbow

today has been a pastel paradise of
~ Mum & Dad quietly watching a movie[Dad's choice] on Saturday morning{instead of Friday night} & how special it seemed
~ finding
~ seeking
~ speaking & listening to those who are far by radius yet near at heart
~ today is a birthday celebration for this lovely heart, filled with the simple things, like celebrating all of you!!!


  1. these are just glorious images. you are just the sweetest. and yes the roses~ taking time to smell them.

  2. amazing images - thank you for sharing!