Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apricot Roses Blush {Spring's Pure Essence}

Hello! & Thank You for all your delightful comments & compliments :)

"Every centimetre of our lives is carried in our hearts" my Mum.
i was pondering this & the precious opportunity we have to fill our lives & all those we pass by with layers of beauty, tucked in treasured tins that overflow with exuberences of lace & sprinklings of sunshine.

Wearing shoes of softest splendour, our footprints delineate the milestones we've witnessed,

those we've accomplished, & some yet to be achieved.

i made these little shoes & put them in a matchbox to remind me.

& i had another thought, pertaining to the journals i made.

for about five years now i have wanted to make journals.

brimming with beauty & filled with pocket pages, a place to breath new life into old wounds, & to find safe harbour for cherished memories. a place to pen listlessly, & to ruminate thoughtfully. a garden for the pocket & a felicity for the eye. a solace for the souls rejuvenation.

i think i've found the right time to make my treasured journals accesible to you {though i wasnt sure about posting them up here, as i didnt want my blog to be about selling things, so lovely has been my eavesdropping of your beautiful words, that i made it more of a gesture of appreciation ~though as i have discovered, selling things that "gladden the heart & please the eye" make everybody's life more beautiful ~& that sharing something of our talents is a treat for all}
so, i have begun to create a few moleskin beauties[like the ones i put in my last post], & hopefully they will be available on Friday.

Today i ponder the Eternal nature of love...