Saturday, May 9, 2009

a pretty little girl ~ [with an ever present curl]

There once was a little girl
With an efficacious curl
In the middle of her pretty forehead!

And everywhere she went,
her little horse was sure to follow
kindly, ever so.

A union of nursery rhymes, because they fit. My little sister~ when she was 2 or 3~ had a blonde ringlet that sat right in the middle of her forehead & boinged as she walked. Now that she's grown, we pull her curls loosely up into a bun...& there is always a pony or doll or something special tagging closely behind.

Today is full of pretty!


  1. A very cute post...lots of childhood sweet! LOVE your doll's pink dress! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. Dear Chenoa,
    A beautiful tale. Now the little Princess, she is all grown up, yet still she has her little white pony to follow. Pink is the color of her dress, because it is the color of her hearts desire!