Friday, July 17, 2009

Catching Dreams

my name is American Indian. so i've always had an inclination of loveliness towards these brave people, & their care for the earth.

the Indians make dream catchers to help dissipate bad dreams. the beads on the dreamcatcher "catch" the negative dreams, & the feathers are said to be the feathers of a bird to carry the bad dreams away.

one day in Handmade Naturals{a little organic shop in West end ~ such a delightful little shop!} a tiny dreamcatcher appeared hanging off a beam, & the quartz around the outside was luminous! this dreamcatcher caught my heart...

then one day, it was gone, offering pleasant dreams to another home. i've pondered it in quiet hours, but only last week did it dawn on me, that i could try to make one...

so i didnt stop at one.

but made a few.

little treasures.

filled with love{& lined with handstitched hearts}...

wafting in the breeze,

catching dreams as they go by

& offering love

till the sun sets, in the distance...

Today is finding bright spots on moonlit horizons!


  1. Your dream catchers are beautiful, the crystals and feathers are a wonderful filter to ensure only the prettiest of dreams.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! God bless you, Sarah

  3. What a lovely dreamcatcher! Your photos are really nice!