Tuesday, July 7, 2009

visitors, almost & happenstance

last week we had some unexpected visitors...
that chirped & frolicked out the window

i almost ...
had a profiterol flavoured gelati
but as it happened,
i tried the caramel.

i almost...
put my hair in rags {like the old days to make tight curls}
but as it happened
i dyed my hair a daring shade of red instead

i happened
upon a photo advertising a doona cover, she was sitting by the window with the doona cover arranged like a ball dress
i couldnt find it again so
i took a photo like it

& i nearly...
missed the ysa ball {with a Titanic theme}
but we went!

What has eventuated in your corner of the world? {little unexpected surprises of delight}

Today smiles!!!

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