Friday, July 3, 2009

a very special doll for a very special girl,
sheltering under a lace parasol,
a sweet bird chirping upon her shoulder

cradling a Russian doll,
inviting you to a tea party with her...

i have wanted to make this doll for a long while now,
to show her how special she is
& how remarkable she will become

Today magnifies beams of light


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  2. Simply beautiful, tell us more about her story and how she came to be?

  3. oh I feel the beauty right thru the screen the expression on the face!

  4. we had a neighbour a few years ago, & she had adopted 8 Russian children.{leaving out lots of crucial elements :) } there are the family youre born to, & then there's those you find along the way...& im so glad we found them too! i dont know if you read this...but this post {& doll :) } is dedicated to you!!! with lots of love!!!

  5. your doll's face is exquisite ~so lifelike
    and magical ~ i love her little hands:)

    yesterday i received the most beautiful package
    in the mail from you ~ and it made me
    cry~ seriously...the gorgeous album with
    the blank sheet music was so creative it took
    my breath away ~ i am writing to you today:)

    *waves happily*