Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thoughtful bloom

"My grandmother dreams in peonies"

~ so thoughtful a portrayl by Stacy Barter,
the flowers seem to lift right off the canvas!

i came across it while looking for help to figure out how to re-paint these roses on the 2nd pocket canvas emerging slowly!

& thinking on the bounty of beauteous cherry blossoms & this quote from "Cherry blossom time in Japan"...

Today is melodious!

P.s dont forget to sign up on the Christmas in july post for the giveaway! & Thank you for all your thoughtfully wonderful comments! a bouquet of brightness for you!!!


  1. Thanks for your visit,it has been a while.
    Those flowers are soooo beautiful such a treat
    for the eye.

  2. the 3rd image really looks good the way it stretches across 2 pages...the trunk so strong looking

  3. i adore peonies! Just adore them. And these? I want to touch. : ) so beautiful!