Sunday, June 19, 2011

pastels, petticoats & curls


pastel days afloat with pale moonlit ponderings{as the gentle beams float softly through the windowpanes}
& i wish i could send you more than words, rather, i wish this post was a fragrance, a look, a tear, a smile, laughter or warmth that you could open & wrap the moment you are reading this in.
a little bit of joy to savour
{like these pink resin urchins which i love, soft white petals & tender impressions}

 & reading about Char{& only "meeting" her tonight} her pockets lined with beauty i have dreamt up too, only last night.. . & while reading her words,
rising. & falling. heaving -
like a chest sobbing
with rain

& this story of overwhelming decadence

today, a silent song
only my heart hears

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