Friday, June 24, 2011

sea urchins & falling rain {days drizzled with the summer sun}

i wish the days were spent pottering around little water pools on the rocks at the beach, searching for sea urchins & starfish, needless to say there are no beaches in the desert, & so every afternoon at dusk, as the moon climbs into the sky, i bask in the luminous rays of the evening sun, blazing through the kitchen window &  drizzled across our table, & i wish it well on its journey to my friends in Australia.. .

but the nights are heavy with claps of thunder & rainclouds;
& precipitation{of the eyes},
crying~the days seem wet with it
{i remember once reading a list of things discovered & she put, "i discovered i have some tears to cry" & i added, "i can't cry those tears, not today" but they seem to find me anyway :) }
i hear its good for the soul? & for finding faith to keep going
"oh how praying rests the weary, prayer will change the night to day, so when life gets dark & dreary, don't forget to pray"

sending soft & soothing lullabies

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