Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the sun & the moon {night & day}

"It is poetry that effortlessly moves the heavens and the earth,
awakens the world of invisible spirits to deep feel, softens the relationship between men and women, and consoles the hearts of fierce warriors."

Japanese poet Ki no Tsurayuki
.AD 905

the sun & the moon have ever been a topic of admiration,
these photos are my visual couplet offering{i like to think the moon is behind the clouds of the photo below}

‘All appeared new and strange at first,
inexpressibly rare and delightful and beautiful.
The streets were mine, the Temple was mine, the
People were mine, and so were the sun and moon and
Stars, and all the world was mine. All things
Were spotless and pure and glorious, Yea and
Infinitely mine and joyful and precious. But
little did the Infant dream that all the treasures
of the world were by. And that himself was so the
cream and crown of all, which round about did lie.’
~ Thomas Traherne

Today we are the heros in the stories we write!!!

& a little bit of pure, glorious joy found here


  1. Sensational words and photos, Chenoa--thank you! :o)

  2. Amazing photos with the light and colour side by side, well done they look great.