Monday, January 31, 2011

~sometimes.. .

we need to
~ dress up for dinner
~ sing someone a lullaby {even if they're grown}
~ cook a sumptuous snack{im always amazed at the thoughtful things my Dad & brothers concoct in quiet hours}
~ compliment someone
~ help without being asked
~ speak up for the unheard
~ notice the silver lining {of the saturating rainclouds.. .gratitude, its a keeper!!!}
~ admire nature {in all her subtle delight!!!}
~ yearn deeply
~ express profoundly
~ give gently
~ & love wholeheartedly,
for we are precious!!!
{beyond words}


  1. Great post and so very well said, we should allow for more of these to feature in our day.

  2. She is so very lovely. And so are your words, my friend.