Saturday, January 1, 2011

Augment & Burgeon!!! {bloom & grow}

today i wish i could sew words into bright jewels, shimmering mountains of the buoyant & blithe, outlined in silken murmurs of the heart's inner-self! i wish i could hyphenate moments with elastic happiness, the kind that reverberates into a crescendo of the truly sublime, swirling in an affable blend of the tangible &; the hoped-for.. .an ever-increasing graciousness sparkling into the sunset at eventide, when bliss is found in shooting stars & dreams are swung on the wind, heralding that verduous apothecary of love!!! Beware, my agile old nemesis Self-doubt, Move on, you unctuous & crippling Self-pity, for i am{we are, my dear friends?} still nimble & hopeful!! still ripe in the comforting arms of healing-balm, & Nature's own good grace!!!

& these images to express what my heart feels!!!

{image 1 & 6 unknown, 2-5 from sanctuary blog

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