Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a repository of beauty

& so{a poem}

i smell the cherry blossoms blooming
& so i know that Spring is near
i hear the winter trees a-creaking
& so i know the cold is here
i feel the dazzling heat
of the hot mid-summer sun
& so in fits of ecstasy
i know beach days have come
i see the leaves float softly
to golden floors of brown
& know that hibernation
will keep me safe & sound
~i find the answers hidden in longing
& so i know that i must SEEK!!!
i hear your heart beckoning to me
...& hope i can find you :)

today is
~carrot cake & Pizza Hut
~white flower & bergamot citrus{laundry powder}
~{dreaming of} bright blue tulips
~lollipops & echoes
~footprints & pathways
~& scribblings in a journal{the perfect repository for beauty}
loveliest thoughts


  1. lost in softness...aaaah.

    wishing you a lovely week.

  2. Hello, I hope that you are well.
    I haven't had carrot cake for a long time. You have inspired me to make one to share with friends on tomorrow photo outing.

  3. "carrot cake and pizza hut"~ my kinda girl! but you already knew that.
    : )
    and that journal is lovely. i am scribbling in the one you sent me, daily. i always think of you.